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Computer Repairs

We repair all brands and makes of computers including desktops, all-in-one computers and laptops. We also repair peripherals including printers, scanners, monitors, keyboards and mice. We can also help with software issues.

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Computer Sales

If your computer is over five years old it may be time to upgrade. We can recommend and build the computer that is suited to your needs. Our ready to go computer systems start from [$799.00] which includes performance optimisation and onsite installation. We also provide a great range of quality computer peripherals including USB Flash drives, external hard disk drives, monitors, multi-function printers, keyboards, mice, speaker systems and headsets.

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Computer Tune-up

A computer will become slower over time and speeding up your computer involves more than defragging your hard drive. ABJ Computer Services can conduct a full diagnostic scan and tune-up in order to bring your computer back to optimal performance.

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Virus Protection and Removal

There are many variants of viruses that can harm your computer. Viruses can encrypt data, extract passwords and bank details, causing computer crash and loss of data. If you believe your computer has been infected with a virus, turn your computer off to prevent further harm and call us.

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Data Backup Plans and Recovery

It is vitally important to have a backup of all your data so that your computer is protected from unexpected disasters. We provide professional onsite and offsite data backup plans to suit your needs. Onsite backups start from $115.00 and include backup software and 500GB backup drive. Offsite backups start from $50.00 per year. If it is data that you need recovered, we provide recovery for all types of media.

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Internet Setup and Support

Have you organised and signed up with a new Internet Service Provider (ISP) and need help with the setup of your new modem and your home devices? Has your internet stopped working or does it randomly drop out? ABJ Computer Services is able to help you with these and other internet related problems.

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Wi-Fi Installations and Support

We can set up your home with fast and secure Wi-Fi network technology so you can connect all your smart devices (Laptops, Phones, Tables, TVs and NAS) and enjoy the freedom of wireless Internet and file sharing.

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Support for your Business

ABJ Computer Services understand that reducing downtime is important to your business, so endeavour to provide a same day service. We provide setup and support for:

Server systems | Secure networking | Virtual Private Networks | Virtual machines | Domain name | Backup systems | Endpoint virus protection | Software installation | Secure file sharing | Remote monitoring

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